Meet Cătălin Oprea

From art to LUXURY and from the rhythmic beats of dance to A new way of life TIC-TAC or more precisely
We created this site for all walks of life, and here I mean all of us, those people who give a little more time – our time.

It all started 16 years ago when I accidentally found a watch in a train compartment. Knowing that the good did not belong to me, I handed it to the conductor, but with regret, because at that moment I realized that the time must be accurately calculated, which we can only have from a watch, but not just any clock. Then I understood that I have to do my best to be ON TIME. The love for watches and jewelry grew in Japan where I experienced more precision buying my first Rolex at the age of 23. Since then I have developed a real passion for watches, participating in many fairs, exhibitions and auctions all over the world, which I still do at the moment.

At this time – from a collector of precise moments, I want to interact with you by offering you my bouquet of knowledge in watches.

In a television interview

In trying to precisely define “What does time mean to me as an individual?”
I gave them the following answer which I share with you:
“It is a pleasure to work with time, time does not wait, implicitly the accuracy of each existential instance is interdependent with that moment of precision that – isn’t it? We all want it from and through the lens of a watch. To be in time, to be now, not to waste time, to desire that precision that we all run after in the madness of the daily life sprinkled with a multitude of activities for all of us – controllable by a watch – the primordial indicator of our existential time – all these elements mean and are embedded in YourWatch.
Finally, I would like to tell you that watches are not made just to show the time, but to enjoy it. I await you with the peace that you have understood that the luxury of time is here

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