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From art to luxury and from the rhythmic battles of dance to a new lifestyle TIC TAC or more precisely YourWatch.ro.
I’ve developed this website for all social categories, and I really do mean all of us, those who invest, a little bit more time – to our time. It all began 16 years ago when by accident I’ve found a watch in a train compartment. Knowing the item didn’t belong to me, I’ve gave it to the train conductor with regret and sorrow, as in that moment I realized that time must be measured with precision, precision that I could only get from a watch, but not any watch. That’s when I realized that I have to give my very best to be ONTIME. My love for watches and jewelry amplified in Japan where I managed to get in possession of more precision as I bought my very first Rolex, at the age of 23 years old. From then I developed a true passion for watches by taking part to different fairs, exhibitions and actions all over the world, this being my current activity and lifestyle. In this second, minute, hour, day, month – as a collector of precise moments I wish to interact with you by offering you a piece of my knowledge about watches.
In an interview I gave to the media at the following question “What does time mean to you as an individual?”, trying to define time as precise as I possibly could, I gave the following answer “It’s a pleasure to work with time, time doesn’t wait, the precision of every instant moment is interdependent with that precise moment that which, isn’t it? We all desire from and through a watch.” To be on time, to be now, to not waste time, to desire that precision after which we all run in this madness of what we call life, composed by our daily routine which itself is spiced with tasks for us all – all controlled through a watch – our primordial representative of existential time – the meaning of all these elements are incorporated in YourWatch. Last but not least I wish to mention that watches are not designed just to display time as a type of measurement, but to help you enjoy every second of it and make the best of what you have. I trust that you understood that the luxury of time is here and now.

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